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NOFX- Coaster (2009)

01. We Called It America
02. The Quitter
03. First Call
04. My Orphan Year
05. Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
06. Creeping Out Sara
07. Eddie, Bruce and Paul
08. Best God In Show
09. Suits and Ladders
10. The Agony of Victory
11. I Am an Alcoholic
12. One Million Coasters


NOFX: DVD 2009

Nofx - Backstage passport Episode 01
(206 mb = 20 mins)

Nofx - Backstage passport Episode 02
(204 mb = 21 mins)

Nofx - Backstage passport Episode 03
(200 mb = 20 mins)

Nofx - Backstage passport Episode 04
(209 mb = 21 mins)

NOFX - Backstage passport Episode 05
(209 mb = 21 mins)

NOFX - Backstage passport Episode 06
(206 mb = 21 mins)

NOFX - Backstage passport Episode 07
(233 mb = 21 mins)

NOFX - Backstage passport Episode 08
(230 mb = 20 mins)

TV Party
Show: NOFX: Backstage Passport Premiere: Tuesday, April 15 at 10pm ET On Fuse Episodes: 8 Episodes Show length: 30 minutes Channel: DirecTV 339 / EchoStar 158;cable subscribers, local listing

So we got the bright idea to take two camera dudes on this sketchy tour we booked in order to make a documentary. We went to Singapore, Peru, Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Korea; you get the idea…countries where maybe punk music isn't too popular. After a few weeks we realized there's way too much semi-interesting, sorta funny, kind of embarrassing stuff going on. How are we gonna fit all this on a DVD? So we thought maybe TV? Nah, that’s never gonna happen--we’re not nearly as funny as Travis Barker. But we made a little trailer anyhow and showed it to some of our friends at Fuse. They loved it and showed it to some of their bosses. Their bosses didn’t get it at all and told us they would call. We knew what that meant, so it was back to the DVD idea. We kept the camera dudes on tour with us for the next year and some pretty cool stuff happened. Well...not cool for us, but cool for the DVD. Stuff like not getting paid, cops shutting down shows, Muslims getting pissed at us, Jews getting pissed at us, scoring the wrong drugs, getting beat up by Japanese women in latex, getting beat up by a Russian man in a pointy hat and basically having a super great time. We finished the tour in South Africa and came home. We figured we might as well show it to the Fuse people again. (We showed it to HBO too, and they told us that maybe if we were U2 they would consider it...diss.) By this time Fuse had hired new people and the new folks loved it.. They said they wanted to make it into a documentary series. Coolage! We signed the papers and now we have a TV show. After months and months of editing and fighting amongst ourselves, we have 8 episodes of a show, but after you account for commercials it's only about the length of a really long movie. Think Titanic meets Spinal Tap. NOFX never had a video on MTV, but now we have a documentary on television. Weird how things work out. Anyhow, it comes out in April sometime. My neighbors are never going to speak to me again.

Mas facil, son 8 capitulos del tour 2007 de Nofx, grabado como backstage del mismo, contado por ellos cosas que vieron/hicieron durante el tour.
Cada capitulo esta en 3 links, baja los 3 y boton derecho "extract here" .

Solo para coleccionistas.

Thnx. mla1977 / punkrockoi.

NOFX - Backstage Passport Theme Songs


01. Theme Song
02. Theme Song (Punk Rock Passport Version)